Where elite level leadership performance is honed

Renao Club brings business leaders together in an exclusive group to advance skills, drive success and deliver change.

Our vision is to create an organisation where its members achieve and maintain an elite level of leadership performance. Renao Club is the trusted place for continuous learning, to navigate and support members to achieve great things.

Our mission is to deliver through a framework based on martial arts precepts where the leaders’ attitude and mindset will deliver success. We focus on ‘spirit first; technique second’ to ensure the leader achieves outstanding productivity, profitability and wellbeing for their organisation. Members understand that they can achieve anything.

Our values are trust, commitment and discipline, all underpinned with a passion for being transformational.

Renao means

“lively, spirited and prosperous”,

describing the ethos of the Renao Club.


Renao Club is a unique space for leaders who recognise the significance of continued learning. The monthly meetings and one-to-one coaching provide an environment to learn, to share, to improve and to be challenged in a completely confidential setting.

The group provides an objective sounding board whose only agenda is to help members grow and become even better at what they do. The experience and expertise in the room means that everyone has something to offer and something to learn.

The group is a ‘think-tank environment’ where highly experienced people from different industries share their everyday challenges, frustrations, ideas and problems, whilst also providing necessary support for their peers in the group.

Using the sustaining precepts of the martial arts world, the Renao Club ensures that leaders know themselves before they know others and that we understand that we are on a lifelong journey. In the words of Bruce Lee:

“Learning is of knowing which has no beginning and no end.”


Membership of Renao Club will deliver a wide range of results, depending on individual circumstances, challenges and influencing factors.

So, imagine what happens when you have a group of leaders, not just one peer or mentor, who together can bring relevant experience and a broad perspective in a completely safe and trusted environment. That is a very powerful space that is Renao Club.

Being part of Renao Club should be regarded as part of a leaders’ business process; a critical and non-negotiable part of their role. Being able to share in an environment that is not your stakeholder or paymaster is extraordinarily important, and quite rare. It will enable you to get to the heart of the issue.

A recent study of 45 CEOs who access formal mentoring sessions report:


Improved company performance


Better decision-making


Greater capability in fulfilling stakeholder expectations


Avoiding costly mistakes and becoming proficient in their role faster


In order to assist members through the transition to become transformational, Renao Club provides its members with a blended approach.

By combining a powerful quartet of elements in each meeting, members can expect the following:

  • A speaker who will engage, inspire and challenge through their own stories, experiences, successes and failures. These speakers will be diverse and insightful, often internationally renowned and always stimulating. Their sector experience will include sport, military, business, charity, entrepreneurship, music, literature and more; all of whom have lessons to share about leadership, life and business.
  • Peer-to-peer discussion around the challenges members are experiencing, or anticipate; often the most powerful part of the group time.
  • Neuroscience, mindfulness and emotional intelligence skills to create the bedrock for elite performance and success.
  • Sharing of tools, models, software and tangible resources that may be of value to members in their organisations.

In addition, one-to-one coaching and mentoring with one of the qualified and experienced Renao Club founders provides the underpinning to achieving the greatest success for members. These private and structured conversations keep members accountable and help to create the discipline to continue the journey.

Examples of self-development programme content include:
  1. Knowing yourself, the art of command and control
  2. Mastering peak state psychology, ‘the edge on the rest’
  3. Resolve & resilience
  4. Dealing with stress and distraction
  5. Team building results
  6. Purpose, values and virtues
  7. Delivering on our potential


The group meet on the second Tuesday of every month (with the exception of August) from 13:00-18:00. At the end of every meeting there will be informal time to share successes and relax.

Lunch will be available on arrival, with dietary requirements noted. Refreshments throughout the meeting are provided.

All materials provided by the group leaders will be shared and session notes will be made available after each meeting for members to review.

Two-Day Overnight Meeting

To ensure members benefit from 12 meetings throughout the year, in April the group has an overnight stay and therefore, two days of meetings. This overnight meeting will be held at an exclusive venue with delicious food, luxury accommodation and fantastic well-being opportunities. During this longer time together one of the elements will be to work together to set individual and organisational objectives for the coming year and beyond.


Jane Smart

With 35 years of industry experience, starting with ten years in international corporate banking and the rest leading businesses through growth, organisational redevelopment, start up, preparation for sale or integration following buy-out, Jane has worked across a number of industry sectors. She recognised that the challenges faced by businesses had a similar core theme and these became the passion and focus for Jane; ‘to make the difference’.

As a qualified leadership coach and mentor, Jane’s focus on creating great leaders who can manage change and empower their staff has become the key to success for her clients. She delivers training across a number of themes including leadership, communication, management development and culture.

Phil Toogood

With over 30 years’ experience operating at both a senior level and as a business owner within sectors such as insurance, aerospace and counter terror, Phil has also built and led championship-winning teams.

He approaches his work with the same passion and purpose that he has for a number of sports and martial arts, of which he has competed at a high level. With the amalgamation of his leadership roles and experiences within both business and sporting worlds, Phil is able to supply the perfect tools, insights and mindfulness to those he works with to help them develop and transform in business and in life.

Phil is a successful and accredited results-trained coach with the NeuroLeadership Institute and is following the International Coaching Federation (ICF) pathway. As a transformative and performance coach, Phil is a firm believer that “ability is what you’re capable of doing, motivation determines what you do, and attitude determines how well you do it”. This has been his mantra in his professional and personal pursuits.


We are delighted to reveal Renao Club events will be held at a luxurious private members club based in the heart of London, just a few minutes walk from Liverpool Street Station.

Devonshire Club is situated in a quiet pedestrian square and offers the perfect environment for group meetings, networking, learning and development. It’s the picture-perfect venue.

Member Benefits

  • Experiment with ideas that can be shared, discussed, expanded, challenged and analysed without any real-world implications
  • Build a strong, confidential support system
  • Join a trusted holistic and non-judgemental environment
  • Real feedback / identifying blind spots
  • Gain motivation and accountability to implement learnings and report on results

See the bigger picture to better navigate a world of accelerating change and uncertainty. Peers help to see around dark corners and anticipate otherwise unknown risks.